Collecting and painting toy soldiers and military miniatures is an adult hobby. Castings typically contain lead and therefore are not suitable for young children. We offer lead-free castings at a 20 percent premium for our younger hobbyists and those who would like to market their castings to the general public. Please call us for details. For those of you who are new to the hobby, or perhaps, rediscovering it, painting figures provides hours of enjoyment to the painter and produces items that may be given as gifts or sold to provide extra income.
Kits Master Page

Kits come with prep and
assembly  instructions.
Most have a painting color
guide and a brief history.
Castings require only minor clean-up prior to assembly and painting.
Under Construction.

Hundreds of arms, weapons, swords, musical instuments, tools, etc.  This will be the next area to be put on line.
Under Construction.

Scenery, buildings, trees, etc.

Under Construction.

Paints, Brushes, Glue, etc.

Our parent (The Dunken Company)
makes cusomized rubber molds to produce miniature castings. Email us with any questions.

 American Toy Soldiers and Military Miniatures (ATS) is dedicated to hobbyists seeking unpainted  54mm (1:32 scale) toy soldiers and military miniatures. If you are a historian, wargammer, or just enjoy assembling and painting beautiful figures, we can help. Our goal is supply historically accurate castings that are made in the USA.

 If you are a small business that paints and sells your castings, ATS is here to help.

 As a company, ATS is committed to personal service. Our parent company (Dunken Company) has been making and selling molds for over 35 years.